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Antierra Manifesto – blog post #60

(Another late “Antierra Manifesto” blog post… better late than never ‘they’ say!)

She continues with the same angry, disillusioned tone:  “Why you want to hear stupid story?  They call you Desert Beast for green eyes.  You come from desert, yes?  This they say.  But you no beast, just bigger woman, longer arm, legs, stronger.  You die too, like us, like all woman.  No different.  Same.  All same, always same.  I know.  It the way of it.”

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I realize in that moment I’ve just had my very first conversation with a true T’Sing Tarleynan woman.  That is the mindset I have to work with.  A distant tale of some possible alien intervention on this world by a race of tall “green” people with scales (Reptilians?  Armour? Reflective pressure suits?) who appear to have been females.  A battle for control of Malefactus that resulted in the female alien race being defeated and destroyed to the last, the invaders in the “black sky boat” who looked like men made of metal taking control and instituting a new law that decreed females would be the slaves of males. 

Current facts certainly seem to bear the truth of the story.  Were the black sky boat metallic men a global phenomenon, or local?  Is all of this world under the same total domination by males?  I need to speak to the few black female slaves about their remembered experiences, if I can get them to talk.  Maybe it’s different where they come from?  Could they possibly be remnants, descendants, of those aboard the black spaceship, of slaves of the black metallic men?  Could these black “metallic men” have been a type of Melkiar Cyborg adapted from thousands of years lost in space? 

What about this world beyond the great water as they call their ocean?  What I learned of Malefactus before I incarnated here said it was a world ruled by misogyny.  Fear and hatred of the female was the modus operandi.  As a stack world, the effects have to be global.  So, for the time being, barring miraculous intervention or change I must continue to assume there could be no place on this world where a woman could conceivably escape to and find sanctuary. 

I cannot trust my Altarian research.  There were too many gaps in it, too many errors.  Whoever filed those reports must have had a rather shallow experience of this world.  I suspect the reports were written from observation orbit, not from personal interaction with the people of the planet.  How could I have been such an idiot?  Why did I not locate the source material used for this information?  How was it taken across the dimensional barrier?  Who was the recorder and courier?  How long ago?  The records were old and had no tracer and no date.

Then I begin to silently chuckle to myself.  I was no idiot then but I certainly am the idiot now! I knew then, as Al’Tara, where the research came from, and why it was so shallow and why I accepted it at face value without question!

I remember a time when I reveled in being a “conspiracy theorist.”  I made a point of considering every major event the result of a specific conspiracy.  I would immediately create a plausible scenario in my mind that explained the conspiracy.  Believe all things, believe in nothing, that was my motto.  Did Earthians actually land on the moon way back then in C-20 when they had no working space flight technology worth speaking of; their world poised on the edge of war based in radioactive nuclear fission technology?  Having just survived two world wars in one century only twenty years apart?  My answer was always, “No.”  It was a put up job.  A conspiracy to hide something else.  A hoax like their “The War of The Worlds”* radio program that created such mindless panic.

*(The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air.  Directed by Orson Welles, this was the radio program that created mass panic.)

But of course the answer was always “Yes” also.  You can always have both, according to Altarian Logic.  If you have one, you have the other.  Dangerous walkway that is, if you are betting your life on it.  I did, many times.  Why?  Because even if you can only see one side of a thing it is preferable to admit the logic that it must have two sides rather than stubbornly believe only in one side, claiming the other does not exist.

Take the information I found on Malefactus, from Altarian logic.  Who brought that information to Altaria and put it in the holorecs?  That’s simple: I did.  The day I received information about stack worlds and my mind began to “see” these realities is the day I began to enter the data in Altaria’s mem-banks so the computers would begin their algorithmic searches to extract useful ‘information’ for future research by whomever would be interested in the stack world theory.  That, of course, would likely be none other than I.  You see, if I were to bet my life on the reality of the stack world scenario (and believe me, nobody agreed with my conclusions then, few enough even later when it became obvious there had to be “something” in it) I needed something to begin my quest. 

I needed to look into the future far enough that I could create some plausible information from what I saw, index that information in a safe place, my home world of Altaria, so I could in the past that remained my future, access that information as if it came from someone else and use that “fabrication” to create my personal future living reality on Malefactus.  Hence I realize now, the inexplicable “gaps” in the reports and the research.  I could not place there what I could not know unless I had already lived on Malefactus, and that would not happen until I had studied the information available and formed a plan for that particular information-gathering life in the future. 

It was a catch-22 situation yet basically a simple and logical approach to the problem.  I was proceeding as with a conspiracy theory – from projections I mirrored back at myself to test their reliability.  Since both sides are true, and as in the Möbius strip, they are but one side, I could never be wrong.  I just had to accept I would have to trust my life on incomplete data, something that I was very familiar with having lived many lives on Old Earth.  Everything done there was based either on incomplete and unverifiable data, or data ever condemned to shortly become useless. 

Yet despite the gargantuan problems the race created for itself, it propagated like a veritable disease all over the planet.  Yes, you can live, you can function, you can learn with incomplete data.  It gets you started.  That’s all that’s needed for life to move forward: a volitional push.  It needs to be inseminated.  Wildly.  Seeds thrown to the winds of change and chance.  Without plan or forethought?  I still don’t know how to answer that question but the two naked lovers lying on their sweaty bed are answer enough.

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Antierra Manifesto – blog post #56

I’m a philosopher by experience but also because I am a natural-born Altarian.  We are doers, of course, but not exactly fools who rush in where angels fear to tread.  Before we act we seek to know.  Of course it is not always possible to know, since knowledge emanates from a blend of experience and information.  So we act on what what we’ve studied and already know from experience and attempt to move forward. Thus we are more than what we do; we do not necessarily act according to what we are – that is, what we have become.  We do not allow nature or programming to box us in so easily.  As the doctor pointed out, we have a devious mind developed for one purpose: to thread its way unerringly through the labyrinth of life. That labyrinth takes us, of necessity, through the darkest paths of hell — through the experience of evil.
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Chronicler Michele Dellman notes a shift in the monologue here.

The following is purportedly from An’Tierra’s own actually hand-written notes found in the same medical facility attached to the gladiator compound in the Great Keep of the city of Hyrete in the kingdom of Elbre.  They were uncovered buried under a corner stone, sealed in a cheelth envelope she probably had her blacksmith friend manufacture for her. These are An’Tierra’s own words as she wrote them.  We must assume that the reason for this shift would be because the “recorder” was not available and she was convalescing at the time.

‘Sometimes when we find our forward movement lost in some impenetrable fog, we must retrace some steps, look back and take stock of our understanding.

And in this search for the source of evil, I must now look back.  I will probe ever deeper into my memories and find me, or a partial me, who has already done this kind of evil and I will study myself there.  I will dig out that buried part of my past that I may understand Malefactus and from this knowledge, trace the evil to its source.  The bait that will attract this source to me is my own heart; that part of it that once belonged to evil and for which evil has, and probably always will have, an affinity – or until I discover the source of this sickness and destroy it.

There could be no better time than now to do this.  Already so deeply compromised, with little room remaining in my heart to go but up, I must firmly and conclusively go down those remaining steps into my ultimate darkness and embrace my own spiritual death.  In that death, I, An’Tierra, will personally atone for all the deaths I have seen – and been the cause of – on this world and before that.  The difficult process of redemption can thus begin – with me.  That was always the plan, to lose myself in this process out here on one of Earth’s stack worlds which could be referred to as a part of the ISSA conscience of Earth.

Why conscience?  Because it should be evident by now that the real purpose of any set of stack worlds is to provide a place where incarnates of ISSA consciousness of any such world can find a temporary home after dis-incarnation – after their physical death.  The spirits, or ‘souls’ of people needed a place of rest during their ‘lost’ times between incarnations.  So their makers; their gods, created astral copies of their world which I, long ago while still living on Earth, dubbed stack worlds.  These worlds have been variously described as the Abode of the Dead; Heaven; Valhalla; Nirvana; Olympus; Great Beyond; Limbo; Purgatory; Sheol; Tartarus; Hades; Place of Torment; Hell and a host of other names found in all Earthian languages – all of them.  They feature heavily in all of man’s religious beliefs and mythology.  Nor are the concepts and beliefs tied to them restricted to Old Earth.  Wherever humanity is found, this belief is also found.  The reason for this is simple.

Over the aeons of human evolution and climb to self-awareness, it became evident that “life” was more than one short passage on some world, having a series of perhaps interesting but ultimately meaningless experiences after which came permanent obliteration of all that one had ever been, ever known, ever accomplished.  Teachers, often called lords or saints; avatars or saviours, appeared here and there over the years and taught continuity of life, personal responsibility and accountability to the whole through worship of some divine source or ‘All Thing’ called God and a turning away from doing evil.  Such evil was generally described as that which causes harm to others and would earn one eternal punishment in some sort of torment or annihilation.

It was taught that spirits or souls of the dead went to certain “worlds” where they were permanently rewarded for their good deeds in heaven;  or where they were prepared for a return to their “home” world – in this case Earth – through further spiritual evolution by suffering,  either in ‘purgatory’ or on some other astral world. Or, they were permanently banished to suffer eternally in hell for having lived evil lives without repenting of such. These were the basic, simplistic teachings given Earthians by their Teachers.

Some described these outer or astral worlds graphically, the best known images of such worlds being the joys of heaven and the tortures of hell.  Generic terms that served well enough in their time but have now lost their meaning entirely.  In the spiritual emptiness of Earth, from the 19th Century (C-19) to C-22, dissatisfied individuals began to earnestly search for the real abodes of the dead.  By the end of C-22 no one believed in death as termination.  It was then known that de-incarnation meant re-incarnation somewhere else.  It was also known by then that the ancient gods, or the God – basically male and autocratic – was no longer in charge of events in the cosmos.  A great shift had taken place which all ISSA beings sensed even if they did not comprehend its nature and wanted to deny it having taken place.

By the end of C-22 Earthians were dying by the millions.  Localized armed conflicts of a violence and viciousness never seen before flared and burned in every large country, and these broke up into small fiefs, kingdoms or independent city-states.  Unknown diseases, mostly caused by decomposing human bodies, ravaged large areas leaving few alive.  Waves of genocides were launched by groups against groups until no one remained to fight or one overcame the other and totally decimated them.  Revolutions took their toll.  So-called Earth changes, Earthquakes and tsunamis devastated low lands and mountain cities.  Food growing lands were poisoned by the rampaging waters filled with deadly chemicals, residues from destroyed petro-chemical refining and storage plants and the ever-present pestilence caused by decomposing bodies of humans and animals.

By the onset of the 22nd century (C-22), Earth had begun to enter her Great Death that would proceed inexorably to the middle of C-24, bringing the peak human population from 8.6 billions at the end of C-21 to possibly less than one billion.  (The exact lower figure is unavailable as the die-back was still in effect when I was in contact with information from Earth) This massive die-back began to have a sobering effect upon the technological and market-place madness that had rendered Earth all but un-inhabitable for most land and sea life.  But one thing remained to plague Earthian humanity: its inability to consider equality of genders.  Through the die-back, women and children’s position in society fell drastically once more. Men regained most of their patriarchal power positions and absolute authority.  Female and child slavery surfaced openly everywhere.  Sexual bondage became the only way a woman had for seeking protection for herself and her children if she had any.

During those terrible times a small group of WindWalkers incarnated on Earth to study the situation.  As one of those  (we were only five individuals) and an “expert” on Earthian mores, besides being now a full-fledged Altarian master of logic, I led this group.  Our purpose was not meant to render physical help as such an effort would have required a massive input of support and services from the Galactic human family which was at that time weakened by, and fully involved in, fighting the Melkiar invasion and in any case was still cut-off from interaction with Earth and her stack worlds.

We concentrated our efforts in determining what was wrong with the thinking patterns of Earthians, that they could not see the damage they were doing to themselves and their world by oppressing the female aspect.

At the beginning of our investigations we had blamed their misogynist tendencies squarely unto their greater religions, all of whom claimed a divine right to make laws based on worship of a single Male Deity that basically, in whatever form worshipped, feared and hated the female.  But these fabrications were no longer in contention for power.  What remained was purely secular.  Political power was ascendant, followed distantly by money.  A kind of Neo-Late-Dark-Age mindset ruled the planet.

The five of us, three males and two females disguised as males of necessity, used various approaches to do our research among two basic groups:  the rich owners from whom we hoped to learn of their needs to oppress their females and young, and among the most exploited groups, in the compounds where women were kept ostensibly for their protection, along with their children.  Among these “protected” groups, young nubile females – and not a few young pretty boys also – were chosen to sate the sexual and sadistic appetites of rich and powerful males.  Many young women were simply auctioned off as house slaves or into the sex trade: to pimps and owners of proliferating brothels and entertainment houses.

As we casually walked among these people and interacted with them, using simple logic methods for questioning, we analyzed their ways and motives.  In doing so it became obvious to us that they were not free of mind to do what they were doing.  “Something” was driving them.

That “something” I concluded was an energy that emanated from one of Earth’s astral worlds.  I remembered having had that idea long ago in another life on Earth.  I had dubbed my “imaginary” world “Malefactus” – first as a joke and a play on words, then as a means of focusing on its reality – at least for me.  A starting point.  I advised my WindWalker group that I would de-incarnate from Earth, re-incarnate on the training astro-world Beta-9 for my license upgrade, some more basic training, and join the fight against the Melkiars as skipper of Jump Scout ships.  Whatever I could learn on Earth I had already transferred via mind-jump through my Galactic Altarian contacts to be stored in Altarian archives dedicated to me as Al’Tara – copies to be filed on the galactic wandering library mind Aíoná.

Following this – I had a clear awareness that I would die in that war – I would return to Altaria for rest, refocusing and research on Malefactus.  My plan was simple.  Once I had enough information regarding that possible astral world, I would re-incarnate on it and proceed to do whatever could be done to effect change there – at what I hoped would be the source of Earth’s misogynist sickness.

As already mentioned I fought and died near the end of the Melkiar invasions.  I spent some years on Altaria, found some of the information on Malefactus I had hoped to locate, and re-incarnated (manifested physically) on ‘Stack World minus four’ (SW-4) of the lower set of the six dark worlds where I am now living, or to put it in a more accurate sense, existing and surviving day to day, always under the shadow of imminent death, as are all of the women in this compound.’

This concludes the Michele Dellman article.

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Antierra Manifesto – blog post #27

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“We found nothing on that moon.  All we know was gleaned from the pseudo-historical documents in the King’s archives.”

I’m so excited now that I feel ready to risk anything to get more information, perhaps to convince him or the Cydroids to take another look on Albaral.  I blurt out: “Maybe you did not want to find anything?  Afraid of what you would discover?”

His face darkens and I watch his moves, particularly his hands.  “Be careful of your accusations, Antierra.  Your statement is completely unfounded and unfair to us.  You can’t know…”

“You know what I don’t like about scientists in general, doctor?”

He frowns and I know I’m treading on dangerous grounds but I must get this off my chest now, no matter what he decides to do.  He replies with a hint of annoyance, “I’m sure you are about to tell me.”

“Scientists assume that everything has a logical explanation; that everything can be reduced to a set of calculations any computer can then analyze to give the only logical answer possible.  That is their greatest weakness.  They develop a fetish about their research and theories, a religious singleness of mind that given time and of course recognition, blinds them to any number of other possibilities.  However many times they have been shocked from their tunnel vision, they inevitably return to the simple comfort and profit of it. 

“They seldom realize the truth of it: that they cannot enter some of those “other factors” in their calculations; such factors being the esoteric quality of all life; forces created by minds through belief systems, collective histories, the shadow side.  There is also that which I, as an Avatari, know as Spirit – the primal force that turns itself into a Möbius band so that what appears to us as the two sides of life is really always only one. 

“Hence their understanding of life remains ever incomplete and seriously flawed.  Result,  those who trust them must pay for their mistakes and endure… or painfully recover, as has been the case on Old Earth following a short time when its pseudo-humanity gave itself body and “soul” to a science and technology they thought they understood and controlled.  It very nearly destroyed them and their world. 

“Life does not make mistakes doctor – by nature it is quite incapable of that.  It is people misunderstanding its purpose who “sin” against what is essentially a perfect process.  It is all those power-hungry minds who place their pet theories, their self-centered dreams, their selfish ventures, their “absolute truths” ahead of life’s natural flow.

“And why?  Because they are faced with a collective consciousness that is dirty, messy, unpredictable but which they would control and profit from.  It is however a world in flux and chaos, remaining viable only by a fine thread of order that keeps breaking and that people like you and me must continually repair with haywire, granny knots and “sleue” before the whole thing unravels.” 

He interrupts me. 

“I’m sorry, did you say slew…?”

“No, I said “sleue”(I spell it for him) – a slang word for a disgusting but absolutely necessary compound that can be manually applied using a small disposable pressure gun coated with artificial ceramic to cracks or holes on any, and I mean any(!) type of physical surface even in deep space.  If you allow any of this material to touch human flesh it eats it instantly and its fumes in a closed breathable environment act as any number of the deadliest poisons known.  They kill all biological life forms on contact.  Ironically it was developed for the wars against the Melkiars by materials discovered in their possession.  All their anti-biologic weaponry possessed some form of the formula for this compound.”

I see that he is about to stop me for another explanation and I forestall him. 

“Could I please ask you to refrain from asking me to explain every term I may use in this discussion?  I will clarify as we proceed along, if I feel it is necessary, or I will explain certain terms later if you wish.  If you interrupt me each time I say something you haven’t heard before, I’ll never finish.”

“I was going to ask you to clarify that comment about your wars with Melkiars but very well, I’ll hold my questions until later.  Mind if I enter your terms in my datacom unit?”

“Please do.”  I wave my hand at him then stand up to pace around a bit.  I feel much tension talking to him as an equal.

“Now, where was I?  Oh yes, I was discussing scientists…

“Scientists believe they are the ones to turn it around; that they can order life; that all they need is just another key to the machine.  In many ways, they are just so many high priests making pronouncements regarding the movements and thoughts of the gods, taking creation or physical reality as nothing more than mechanically programmed reality.  When something comes up challenging theories which would destroy their beliefs they experience a powerful tendency to reject the new information.  As I learned through mind numbing experience, they simply resort to breaking down their material reality into tinier and tinier ‘bits’ – a desperate attempt to maintain some shred of physical evidence to keep all of life and all of reality in the test tube.” 

With a tone of annoyance and barely concealed sarcasm he asks, “Are you done?”

“For now yes.  It is not my desire to antagonize you or your people, sir.  Obviously your people have approached the Malefactus problem very seriously.

“But I feel you may have done so too linearly, ignoring philosophical or deductive reasoning in favour of pure science, or physics?  Perhaps in doing so you have overlooked the most logical clue of all: the presence of the artificial sun-moon they call Albaral.  The real story is there, I sense it.  How I wish I had the means I once had when serving in the Supremacy fleet: to ship up to Albaral and put it through the battery of tests our technology was, or is, so capable of.  I’m sure I would discover what powers it.” 

Relying on my intuition from the previous exchanges I ask the next logical question of him: “Please tell me doctor, what is your world called?”

He raises his heavy eyebrows at my question, “I am from Koron.  It is located, as seen from deep space, within the constellation Dedaeleon as is this world.  It is the closest inhabited world to T’Sing Tarleyn and of course, we share the same basic solar system although our own sun-star is different than the one that powers this world.  If you explore our combined greater solar system, or systems, you will find it complex and very fascinating.  Trying to unravel the mysteries of our worlds and our innate curiosity literally drove us to develop space travel to explore our worlds.  Once we had launched out we first explored our own inner space, our moons and asteroids.  That’s where we found our first alien space craft which we thought too small to be of much use in interstellar travels, yet had been built to accommodate humanoid beings.  But we found no trace of any kind of biological life aboard them.  It was as if they had been built for humans by robots and no human, or robot, had flown them.  When we understood enough of their technology to reactivate at least the communication and information storage devices aboard, we found nothing, just static.

“We puzzled over them and finally we developed a grapple system to piggy-back some of them back to our world to study.  We never could understand how they could be propelled from distances across parsecs of space; from other star systems.   Even in cryogenic freeze couches which the small ships were not equipped with there was no way they could travel outside a simple solar system without killing everyone aboard.  And even if they could travel at light speed, it would be hundreds or thousands of years before they reached our world! 

I notice his penchant to sarcasm again.  He shrugs, turns to look me in the eyes and says, “Perhaps you can solve that mystery for us?”

“I will try to explain sir.  Have you ever heard of the stack world theory?”

“If you mean the relative worlds idea, yes, I have heard of it.  I’d say I’ve heard enough about it to have dismissed it long ago.  It does not work simply because of the great singularity at the “center” of the so-called stack that possesses no known reality.  Anything flowing into the singularity disappears.  What seems to flow out from it has wave-front properties that make no sense – just pure chaos.  Almost like emotions measured from the break-up of feelings in hyper-agitated humans.”

I reply excitedly, “Exactly!  And how many worlds – if there was a stack condition of opposing stacks – how many relative worlds have you calculated to exist in tandem – that would affect each other’s gravitational pull, orbits and environmental conditions?”

“Our calculations decree an average of twelve worlds, six to an opposing ‘stack’ as you would put it.  But they could be considered as a complex system, each world having one or two suns and either one or two moons.  It’s a small tight-knit constellation, nothing more.  The singularity we take to be the same sort of force that exists at the center of any spiral galaxy, holding it together, pure energy, nothing else.”

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